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Coryton Energy Park

Project Overview

Coryton Energy Park is a 20MW combined energy storage and gas peaking plant, developed by Gridsource as part of a joint venture (JV) from first principles.

During the development phase, the JV partners managed all aspects such as site identification, landowner engagement, grid connection feasibility / engagement including application, land/ legal agreements, planning survey / application co-ordination plus community engagement, which resulted in receiving full planning approval during 2020.

Battery Storage – Journey to Net Zero

Battery storage is an essential part of the UK’s journey to net zero, providing vital flexibility to the electricity grid.

As we move towards a renewables dominated electricity system, balancing services are needed so we can store electricity when wind and solar energy are abundant and release it during peak times when consumer usage increases.

Balancing Systems

The peaker can also provide balancing services to the local distribution network. If they require more capacity at times of need, then projects such as Bond Estates will be called upon to provide this electricity and can achieve full generation output within 2 minutes of receiving a remotely operated despatch to start signal to the grid when required.


Coryton Energy Park


Stanford-le-Hope, UK


Energy Storage + Gas Peaking Plant






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